Photograph by Maria Daun


At this year’s Green Man Festival, I was taken unawares by a band who had completely escaped my attention- Hannah & Colette Thurlow, otherwise known as 2:54. It wasn’t so much what they were playing (slightly shoegaze-y, sour-faced goth-pop) that impressed me as how they were playing it – the two of them centre stage, trancelike, holding a captive audience despite their short set time.  Youtubeing them upon my return, I was more than a little harsh in thinking them “more of a live band”, but since then I’ve been proved wholly wrong with two excellent singles, first the chilling ‘Cold Front’, and now this, their first release for Fiction with new producer Rob Ellis (whose previous credits include PJ Harvey, which doesn’t exactly seem coincidental). The band sound less lo-fi, more atmospheric, and the claustrophobic feel is matched by the sparse video, all sweeping long-shots & moody trees. They are currently supporting The Big Pink on tour, and their EP is out now. This is a very impressive new single from a very impressive new band. 


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