Country-rockers Calexico have released a new track, ‘Splitters’, and, unsurprisingly for a band that have been consistently good for the past twelve years, it doesn’t disappoint. The song contrasts with the much more sombre debut single ‘Para’ to be an emotional yet upbeat song, and bodes well for their new album, ‘Algiers’, which is out on September 11th.

‘Splitters’ manages to combine reflective lyrics with the kind of chord sequence you’d find on one of Frank Turner‘s better tracks, which all adds up to a surge of musical feeling that many bands try to recreate, but only a few manage. A horn section underneath adds to the atmospheric feeling of the song, and its clear that the band have taken a lot from touring with the likes of Arcade Fire.

To sum up, the single is another excellent release from Calexico, and the song writing is well above par compared to other bands releasing similar material, not to mention the heartfelt singing from vocalist Joey Burns. Its safe to say ‘Splitters’ justifies the anticipation for their new album.

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