Pulp, The Happy Mondays, and The Stone Roses… This is just a small handful of the reunited bands to jump back into the British music scene recently.

Add to that the ever growing list of British Indie bands, be it Blur, The Verve (for a year or two, at least), Cast, Suede, plus the Gallagher Brothers ‘will they? won’t they?’ saga in the run up to numerous significant anniversaries for Oasis.

So it goes without saying that rumoured to be jumping on the bandwagon are The Smiths… Speculation has been rife throughout the last five years, with no concrete answer ever been given by any member. Most recently, Johnny Marr has fuelled the fire by claiming “We won’t be reforming this week. Maybe if the government stepped down. If this government stepped down, I’ll reform the band. How’s that?” at the NME awards recently.

If we were to see the band back in gladioli-swinging action, would this a good thing? After the royalty feuds of the past, ultimately splitting the band 50/50, will we see The Smiths, or will we see Morrissey and Marr, minus Joyce and Rourke? This is feasible; rumour has it that various establishments have offered Morrissey and Marr vast amounts (as much as $50,000) over the years to reform with or without Joyce and Rourke.
Could this be the greatest reunion in music? Or perhaps an ill-fated trip (maybe ‘stumble’ would more suitable) down memory lane?

It’s a story we saw with Guns n Roses becoming laughing stocks – Axl Rose being labelled crazy and egotistical, and similarly Morrissey has been dubbed ‘Mad Moz’ by the media in recent years. as well as the strained relationships between Rose and Slash/Morrissey and Marr.

The Smiths could well go the same way and destroy their legacy as the indie music icons, though both Johnny and Morrissey are still excellent performance-wise, so is this a risk that they should be taking? Fans are split 50/50 on the matter, some claiming that they have all changed so much that it could never be the same band, while others believe that a reunion tour with no new material would be an agreeable option, despite the nostalgic fanfair that it would bring.

With internet rumours popping up almost monthly in the last year or so, it seems that this is a reunion which is most talked about, and most in demand… So the question is: will Marr, Morrissey, Rourke and Joyce give what the masses want, or will The Smiths remain an iconic relic of the beginnings of indie?  

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