If there was ever a music video to provoke a synopsis, pester our minds and occupy our ears, it would be White Lies’ ‘Take It Out On Me’. The song is the debut track from their upcoming album ‘Friends’ which is released on October 7 and has a magnificent video to go with it.

The four piece band had the pleasure of David Pablos directing the six and a half minute long masterpiece after they enlightened him of their desired result.

“I had wanted to make a music video for quite a long time,” said Pablos.

“I told everyone I knew in Mexico, how much I was looking for this opportunity, but nothing happened… And suddenly, out of nowhere, I got a message from White Lies, inviting me to collaborate with them! How exciting this was! The music video for ‘Take It Out On Me’  is a reinterpretation of traditional stories of saints, in modern day Tijuana, mixed with elements from the film ‘Theorem’ by Pier Paolo Pasolini. A little bit of dark humour and that’s the final result!

With a minuet divergence into a slightly more poppy vibe from their usual dominant Dark Indie style, this tune suits the video and gives its fans a new, incredibly intriguing, pleasure watching as well as listening.

It takes a couple of minutes for the synch- rock to creep in, and it builds over a narrative you’re forced to be engrossed in. The long wait for the debut song makes you go a little crazy, but in a good way…

‘Who’s he?’,  ‘Why hasn’t  the music started?’,  ‘Have I clicked the right video?’; the lack of clarity and the randomness of it creates its effectiveness and invents this other world you’re lost in with the music.  

White Lies, you’ve done it again: you’ve created another satisfying piece of art.

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