Yes, That’s Right: Hooting And Howling’s Songs of 2015 (so far…)


For this week’s edition of Yes, That’s Right/Why The Hell Not/Jumping The Gun/Totally Unnecessary Features, I task myself with the humble venture of bringing you (the honourable reader) the BEST songs of 2015. But unlike all those other TOTAL SQUARES OUT THERE – yeah, NME/Pitchfork/Clash/Q/anyone else with a bigger readership than us (for the time being hur dur) – instead of inundating you (the honourable reader) with list after Godforsaken list in early December, I thought to myself, “Why not just piss them all off 11 months early?!

So here it ruddy well is. At the time of writing (10:45pm, Mon 26th January) , it’s already 143 songs deep. That’s more than 4 songs per day, or around 30 songs every week – Who said music was dead?! So instead of trawling through the deep web trying to find the new Aphex Twin song, or forcing yourself to try and like the latest Young Fathers tune just because some guy on 6music said you should, why don’t you (the honourable reader) just click the ‘Follow’ button the playlist, and get the latest and greatest tracks delivered straight to your cyberspace front door?!

Yes, we may be about 47 weeks away from Christmas, but when music is this good, why the hell shouldn’t we start compiling an ACE playlist? Featuring all your favourites from Sleater-Kinney to Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Peace to Laura Marling, Action Bronson to Lianne La Havas, as well as bringing you some top new names in Blossoms, Hooton Tennis Club, Seafret, and Left, to name but a few; Let this be the soundtrack to your 2015. We hope it’s as great for you as it is for us.